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Wakfu is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game with touches of turn-based strategy, in which you form part of a lively ecosystem where your actions have long-lasting consequences and your decisions could directly affect other players.

The combat system, unlike in many other MMORPGS, is turn-based. Players have action points, movement points, and Wafku points that they can use however they want with each turn. Its most obvious references are games like Final Fantasy Tactics and the Fire Emblem saga.

Although combat is a very important aspect of Wakfu, it's far from being the only thing you can do. The politics of the World of Twelve are run by the players, who take turns on a weekly basis holding important positions such as governor of one of the kingdoms.

Due to these political changes, players have the possibility to take their kingdom to war against another ... or create an era of peace with laws that strictly prohibit attacking other players.

Another interesting feature is that there is no 'respawn' option for creatures. You must 're-plant' any creature that is destroyed ... if you don't, they'll become extinct, for good.

Wakfu is a unique MMORPG that offers enchanting graphics (as you can see in the screen shots), along with a rich, deep, and very fun gameplay experience.
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